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Leg Day!

March 03, 2016

Leg Day!

Leg day has long been my favorite day.  The days following leg day are another story, but we can't let that stop us.  Like they say, Sore Today, Strong Tomorrow.

Recently, though, I have been going a little too easy on the legs (and, admittedly, everything) and they are not looking awesome.  I have the potential to have relatively large, built (possibly even bulky) legs, if done right.  But currently, they are just, well, soft.  So I am back at it.  And I want to share some of the things I have been doing.  Keep in mind, I'm currently in the "toning" phase.  We'll see how this goes and then start adding on lots of weight.  But, here's an example of what I did this morning, along with 35 minutes of cardio-incline of 12 at 4.5 on the treadmill  (because inline=nice butt!)

Do this as quickly as you can, while still maintaining your form.  Do it 2-3 times if you can. You might have to build yourself up to these numbers.

  • 100 squats (you might have to build up to this)
  • 90 Walking Lunges
  • 80 Mountain Climbers
  • 70 Sumo Squats
  • 60 Calf Raises
  • 50 Glute Bridge Raises
  • 40 Curtsy :Lunges
  • 30 Bench Step Ups
  • 20 Squat Jumps
  • 10 Burpees

Now get ready to be sore.  Grab this awesome hoody to make you more comfortable and so everyone knows that you don't always walk like you're 90 years old.

Orange Arrow Sore Today Strong Tomorrow Hoody Leg Day


...and just for good measure, here's a video that I really like, for a different spin on legs.

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